The Migration Observatory report: Unsettled Status? Which EU Citizens are at Risk of Failing to Secure their Rights after Brexit?

By 2017, there were an estimated 3,438,000 EU citizens living in the UK, and it is not yet possible to know how many will be eligible for settled status.

This is from the April 2018 report the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford  on the status of EU citizens in the UK after Brexit.

This report aims to identify the groups that might be at risk of not securing settled status. These include:

  • People who do not realise that they can and need to apply;
  • People who are vulnerable for some reason, such as victims of abuse or exploitation;
  • People with other barriers to accessing or understanding the system itself; and
  • People who cannot provide evidence that they have been living in the UK.

Those who might fall into the vulnerable category include:

  • Women in abusive or controlling relationships;
  • Children in care or children transitioning from care to adult life;
  • Victims of exploitation or trafficking;
  • People with mental health problems.

It therefore argues that in the design of efficient and accessible system for EU Citizens to apply for settled status in the UK, these factors should be taken into account.

Read the report online or download (pdf).



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