The LGBT Foundation’s Trans Programme report: Transforming Outcomes

Trans people face a range of barriers when accessing most mainstream health services and often avoid accessing services at all.

This is according to a September 2017 report by the LGBT Foundation’s Trans Programme. 

This report presents an assessment of the needs and experiences of trans people, based on key evidence available from across the UK.  It also highlights valuable ways in which trans people have organised and advocated for and among themselves.

The report finds that:

  • Trans people experience mental health difficulties at disproportionate rates compared to cis people
  • Trans people experience roadblocks when accessing, enjoying and staying in education, with issues such as bullying, transphobia, discrimination and administration errors acting as contributing factors to these blocks
  • There is a lack of comprehensive research on the rates at which trans people experience ill health and disease, making it difficult to draw comparisons to the general populations.

Read the full report (pdf).

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