The Law Society report: Disqualified from Justice

People on incomes 10% to 30% below the minimum income standard are being excluded from legal aid.

This is according to a March 2018 report by the University of Loughborough, commissioned by the Law Society on access to justice.

The report shows that poverty-hit families are being denied vital help to fight eviction, tackle severe housing disrepair and address other life-changing legal issues.

It also finds that even those below the disposable income limit, while eligible for legal aid, are required to make a contribution to legal costs, unless their income is extremely low.

In some cases, to access capital for legal aid, is likely to mean selling a home, which is likely to take at least three months, and for many people a lot longer.

Law Society president Joe Egan said:

No-one in modern society should have to choose between accessing the justice system and a minimum living standard.

Read the report in full.

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