The Centre for Labour and Social Studies report: The cost of doing nothing

‘Now is not the time for short-term public spending splurges, we need a long-term plan’ says the September 2019 report from the Centre for Labour and Social (CLASS).

This report (pdf) makes the case for urgent investment in lifelong learning, education grants, green good jobs and a major shift towards greater democracy in the workplace.

  • Scenarios of the impacts of automation show potential impacts at the scale of rapid deindustrialisation or the closure of the mines
  • Job loss and rapid decline of town centres have not only resulted in increased costs of unemployment benefits and lost economic activity, but long and painful impacts on those who lost their jobs and their families
  • A green new deal would provide an injection of new well-paid jobs that would not only allow people to transition into new jobs, but also finally put this country on the right footing to address the climate breakdown
  • Without a sizeable redistribution of power, any gains from automation will be concentrated at the top disproportionately benefiting those that own the new technology.

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