Tell MAMA report: The importance of narrative in responding to hate incidents following ‘trigger’ events

Tell MAMA published a November 2018 report (pdf) to understand post ‘trigger event’ hate incident patterns with a specific focus on the anomalous data following, the Westminster terror attack (22nd March 2017).

The report finds:

  • Following a ‘trigger event’ there is a spike in hate incidents which normally occurs between 24-48 hours online and 48-72 hours offline
  • The prevalence and severity of the hate incidents are influenced by government, media and police responses to the ‘trigger event’
  • When the ‘trigger event’ is a terrorist attack the target chosen also appears to play a significant role in the prevalence and severity of hate incidents that follow

The report recommends:

  • Government and political parties should provide clear leadership and a distinctive counter-narrative to anti Muslim sentiments following a potential trigger event
  • All Police Services should implement the National 14-Day Plan in the immediate aftermath of a potential trigger event
  • Social media companies should enforce a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards posts that incite hate.

Read the full report (pdf).

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