Tell MAMA annual report 2016: A Constructed Threat – Identity, Intolerance and the Impact of Anti-Muslim Hatred

Members of the public should not underestimate their role in tackling anti-Muslim prejudice during their daily lives, says a 2016 annual report (pdf) from Tell MAMA, in November 2017.

In this report, Tell MAMA highlights the gendered nature of anti-Muslim prejudice at a street level and the need to fully understand the intersectional nature of anti-Muslim hatred where race, gender and anti-Muslim prejudice intersect.

The report finds:

  • Anti-Muslim incidents disproportionately target visible Muslim women (i.e. wearing Islamic clothing such as a headscarf, face veil, abaya, etc)
  • High profile events such as the EU referendum and popular debates around immigration and terrorism play into mainstream xenophobic, racist and anti-Muslim sentiment
  • More needs to be done by transport authorities and private companies in running pro-active campaigns countering all forms of prejudice, intolerance and hatred.

Read the full report (pdf).

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