Technological University Dublin article: Brexit’s worrying effect on women in Northern Ireland

‘The UK Prime Minister has not met women’s civil society groups. Yet, under the watch of this prime minister who self-identifies as a feminist, the framework for gender equality shaped by EU membership will disappear.’

This is from a February 2019 article by Yvonne Galligan of Technological University Dublin, on Brexit and women in Northern Ireland.

Ms Gallligan also notes that:

  • Young women in Northern Ireland were much more pro-Remain than any other age cohort.
  • Women’s groups fear that a Brexit-induced economic downturn would intensify poverty among women and families.
  • Although continuation of the common travel area between the UK and Ireland may be available for British and Irish citizens post-Brexit, it may not apply to women with other citizenship identities, limiting their access to reproductive healthcare.
  • Though Michel Barnier met with Northern Irish women’s groups in 2018, Theresa May has yet to do so.

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