Talking About Disability

Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations (DDPOs) have commissioned Equally Ours to find new ways of talking about disability, with funding from City Bridge Trust Cornerstone Fund.

Disability and impairment are a fact of life. About a quarter of households in the UK have one or more disabled family members, and disabled people are in every walk of life – barristers, nurses, teachers, shop assistants.

But lots of disabled people still face discrimination or even abuse. Our society places needless barriers in people’s way – thoughtless things like unreadable signs, poor building design and bad attitudes could easily be changed.

Equally Ours is proud be working to achieve this through strategic communications and reframing, under the direction of a collaboration of London DDPO partners:

Over the last year Equally Ours has worked with project partners, disabled and non-disabled academics and staff to carry out research into current literature and public attitudes.

We’ve explored ways we can help people recognise the value and capability of disabled people, understand the social model of disability, and support calls for the common sense changes that will make sure every disabled person can live freely and get on with their lives.

Join the conversation

Deaf and disabled people’s organisations are warmly invited to join the discussion and trial the resources created. Free workshops, training, tools and resources are available until summer 2024.

To find out more and be part of the project contact Tracey Lazard, the CEO of Inclusion London, email address:

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