Tackling health inequalities: ‘Marmot cities’

A network of local authorities in England (Stoke, Newcastle, Gateshead, Bristol, Somerset, Coventry) is working in-depth to develop a ‘Marmot’ approach to tackling health inequalities, based on the Marmot Review Team publication Fair Society, Healthy Lives (The Marmot Review) in 2010.

Coventry is one of the Marmot cities and in March 2015 hosted the Marmot City Conference, Making a Difference in Tough Times.

Cllr Ann Lucas, Leader of Coventry City Council, said: “Since Coventry became a Marmot City in 2013, the Marmot principles which aim to reduce inequality and improve health outcomes for all have been embedded into the core functions of the Council and its partners”.

“There has been progress for the health of the city and we have seen improvements in school readiness for children age five, health outcomes, life satisfaction, employment and reductions in crime in priority locations”.


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