Speech by Human Rights Commissioner at EDF event

Thomas Hammarberg
Thomas Hammarberg

In a speech to the Equality and Diversity Forum (EDF), Thomas Hammarberg, the European Commissioner for Human Rights, warned that watering down British laws ‘would send a dangerous signal to undemocratic states’.

In his speech, he describes the European Convention on Human Rights as possibly the ‘most successful international instrument for protecting human rights in the world’.

Thomas Hammarberg spoke at an EDF event in London on Tuesday 13 December 2011.

Hammarberg’s comments were welcomed by Amanda Ariss, EDF Chief Executive: ‘The Human Rights Act protects elderly people, disabled people and women fleeing domestic violence – among others. Dilute it and you are leaving some of our most vulnerable communities exposed’.

Click here for text of speech

Click here for report in the Observer on 11 December 2011

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