Social Mobility Commission report: Social Mobility Challenges Faced by Young Muslims

Young Muslims from poorer backgrounds experience lack of access to networks, contacts and resources.

This is according to a September 2017 report (pdf) from the Social Mobility Commission.

In 2016, the Commission conducted an analysis which found that Muslims experience the greatest economic disadvantages of any group in UK society.

This recent qualitative report explores the attitudes and reasons behind this situation. It’s designed to contribute to a better understanding of the causes of low social mobility for young Muslims.

The report finds that:

  • Young Muslims feel that there are insufficient Muslim teachers or other role models in schools
  • Young Muslims feel obliged to defend their faith in the face of negative discourses in the media
  • Muslim women felt that wearing the headscarf at work was an additional visual marker of difference that was perceived and experienced as leading to further discrimination.

Read full report (pdf).


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