Social Justice Ireland: Inequality Policy Briefing

“With 800,000 in poverty, 700,000 on healthcare waiting lists and 10,000 homeless, its time to tackle Ireland’s inequality”

Social Justice Ireland have published a July 2018 Inequality Policy Briefing with suggestions on how to reduce Ireland’s inequality.

Social Justice Ireland outline the negative effects of inequality, such as:

  • lower and more unstable economic growth
  • rising household debt
  • distortion of housing market
  • inhibition of social and economic mobility
  • factor in the persistent poverty

They point to globalisation, financialisation and ‘trickle-down’ economics as causes of inequality.

The briefing makes the following policy suggestions to reduce inequality in Ireland:

  1. Improve information and transparency
  2. Strengthen worker protections
  3. Tackle tax avoidance
  4. Do more to promote gender equality

Find out more or read their 2018 Sustainable Progress Index (pdf).

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