Shelter press release: NO DSS, Second Shelter court case confirms disabled dad-of-four was discriminated against for receiving housing benefit

A disabled dad has won his legal trial against housing benefit discrimination at Birmingham County Court, with the judgement handed down on Tuesday 8 September. This is the second time a UK court has ruled ‘No DSS’ unlawful.

Supported by Shelter solicitor Rose Arnall, Stephen Tyler, 29, was able to successfully prove ‘No DSS’ discrimination is unlawful and in breach of the Equality Act after he was barred from viewing properties advertised by a Birmingham estate agent, purely on the grounds of receiving housing benefit.

The discrimination Stephen faced was deemed in breach of the Equality Act because it disproportionally affects disabled people, who are more likely to need some support with paying their rent. Shelter research shows that 45 per cent of private renters who claim disability benefits like Disability Living Allowance or Serious Disability Allowance also claim housing benefit.

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