Sheila McKechnie Foundation resource: It’s All About Power

The Sheila McKechnie Foundation has published a new guide It’s All About Power, as part of their Power Project. The guide explains why we need a new of way of thinking about, and working with, power to build solidarity in social change.

Change-makers are passionate about what they do and want to get it done, for everyone’s sake. But trying to drive change on behalf of others isn’t working. In fact, it is perpetuating the very inequalities it is trying to address.

As a result, social sector organisations face an existential threat. Alienated from the people they were created to support, they risk losing legitimacy.

This guide incudes tools and insights to explore how power manifests in individuals and in the groups and organisations you are part of, and to consider how this power interacts with the structures and cultures of power in society

Change requires a reimagining of relationships and processes both within and between organisations and communities, and a reckoning of the deep social inequalities that run through the very sector that exists to address them

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