Scottish Refugee Council, Refugee Council and UNHCR UK report: A Journey Towards Safety

We recommend that the Ministry of Justice lift restrictions on legal aid in England and Wales for beneficiaries of international protection seeking family reunion.

This is one of the key recommendations from the Refugee Council, UNHCR UK and Scottish Refugee Council report (pdf) on the experiences of men and women granted refugee protection in the UK.

This research asks men and women from the Eritrean community about their lives since receiving refugee protection, and their thoughts on how to improve the various processes.

The report recommends:

  • The UK Government increase the number of fully-funded English language course hours available to refugees and increase the provision of childcare support to those refugees undertaking English for Speakers of Other Language (ESOL) classes
  • The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) strengthen the training provided to Jobcentre Plus staff on the needs of refugee jobseekers so that their special circumstances are taken into account and they are approached with the requisite sensitivity by staff members
  • The Home Office and the Department for Health take measures to ensure that in all circumstances, information is given to refugees upon recognition of their healthcare rights, including information on how to register with a general practitioner and what to do in a medical emergency
  • The UK authorities should take measures to introduce a stronger support system for newly recognised refugees.

Read the full report (pdf).

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