Scottish Government report: The Contribution of Non-UK EU Workers in the Social Care Workforce in Scotland

‘Discussions about the potential impact of Brexit have focused on the NHS. There has been comparatively less attention paid to the social care sector.’

A June 2018 research study by the Scottish Government and Ipsos MORI looks at the contribution of non-UK EU social care workers in Scotland.

The research found that Brexit appeared to have had a limited impact on the sector to date. But, it did highlight concerns over future challenges. Managers and workers saw that little had yet been decided, and were unsure of how, if at all, the status of non-UK EU workers might be affected by Brexit.

The report found ways in which the social care sector might best be supported to meet current and future recruitment- and retention-related challenges. For example:

  • Campaign work to raise the profile and reputation of the care sector, to encourage more people to consider it as a career pathway.
  • Higher pay for workers at all levels, but particularly ‘frontline’ staff.
  • More guidance for services on effective recruitment strategies.
  • Sharing of best practice in training, development and other strategies to promote retention.

Read the report in full (pdf).


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