Scottish CEDAW Shadow Report

Published in June 2013, this Shadow Report was produced by the ‘Scottish CEDAW Shadow Report Forum’ – a partnership of women’s organisations from throughout Scotland. The document is in response to the UK Government’s 7th Periodic Report submitted to CEDAW in June 2011.

The report finds:

There has undoubtedly been advancement in gender equality in Scotland. The Scottish Parliament has taken positive and pro-active steps in advancing equality, with the introduction of legislation, policies and practices in a number of key areas.

Despite this progress, women in Scotland continue to face barriers and discrimination. Confusion can arise with regards to matters which are devolved to the Scottish Parliament and those which are reserved to the UK Government. There is little engagement between the Scottish and UK Government, which has arguably led to much less of a gender focus in a number of areas. For example, the closure of the Women’s National Commission in 2010 removed direct channels of communication between the devolved nations.

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