Runnymede Trust and CLASS report: ‘We are ghosts’ – race, class and institutional prejudice

‘Stop counterposing race and class’, says the July 2019 report (pdf) from Runnymede Trust and CLASS. ‘We are ghosts’: race, class and institutional prejudice makes the case that the working class is not white but multi-ethnic and has always included migrants.

The report recommends:

  • An inclusive working-class narrative, one that does not pitch everyday people against each other and acknowledges the legacy of colonialism in shaping modern-day Britain
  • Policy-makers to re-embed dignity at the core of policy and re-build the safety net for all working-classes
  • Ending the ‘hostile environment’ and designing universal public services with the basic premise that people deserve to be treated with care and dignity when navigating the system
  • Strengthening working-class voice and participation across all institutions, including through co-production of services and fostering workers’ bargaining power.

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