Runnymede: BME voting patterns

In October 2011, Runnymede highlighted findings on Black and minority ethnic (BME) voting patterns.

The findings show that only 16% of Black and minority ethnic people voted Conservative in the last election and that ethnic minorities, on the whole, are highly supportive of British democracy.

Five of the presentations from a workshop held at TNS-BMRB offices on 27 October are also available on the Runnymede website. These outline the findings in greater detail, and provide unique insight into the behaviours and attitudes of black and minority ethnic voters.

A team of researchers from Oxford, Manchester and Essex Universities carried out this research after the 2010 general election, focussing on the Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Black Caribbean and Black African background. The fieldwork was carried out by TNS-BMRB and the study was funded by the Economic and SocialResearch Council (ESRC).

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