RJ4All: Restorative Justice for all educational e-platform

In January 2013, Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS) announced the launch of RJ4All.

‘Restorative Justice for all’ (RJ4All) is an educational e-platform for the free dissemination of information on restorative justice. It is a joint international initiative aiming to:

  • Increase public awareness of restorative justice and address misconceptions about its potential and pitfalls
  • Increase academic knowledge and push the boundaries of restorative justice
  • Bring people together, network and share best practice
  • Make restorative justice accessible to junior researchers, students, practitioners, policy makers, the public and the media
  • Disseminate key events and news that are of international, regional and local interest
  •  Inform and influence international, regional and local policy, legislation and practice.

The key features of RJ4All are:

  • the RJwiki a free encyclopaedia on restorative justice
  • the Internet Journal of Restorative Justice (IJRJ), the free peer-reviewed e-journal publishing scientific papers on restorative justice
  • the free online library with downloadable material on restorative justice including training manuals, conference presentations, research papers and book reviews

There are no charges for using RJ4all.

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