Research on the housing needs of disabled people

Research by the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion at LSE shows ‘a significant demand for accessible housing to rent and buy’.

Conducted by LSE Housing and Communities (CASE) and Ipsos MORI, the report, The hidden housing market, uncovers a fresh view that challenges assumptions about the potential for disabled people to buy their own home. The report also sheds light on the wider appeal of homes that deliver higher quality accessible features.

Headline findings:

  • 1.8 million disabled people have an unmet housing need – 580,000 of whom are of working age (there are 11.6 million disabled people in the UK)
  • Of the 1.8 million disabled people needing accessible homes, 56% are home owners with 39% having incomes in the top half of the income distribution
  • 19% of the British public would most favour moving to a different property specifically designed or adapted to enable them to live independently in later life
  • Impact of unmet housing need for accessible housing – disabled people living in inaccessible homes are four times more likely to be unemployed.

No Place Like an Accessible Home. Quality of life and opportunity for disabled people with accessible housing needs by Bert Provan, Tania Burchardt, Ellie Suh was published in July 2016.

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