Research on ‘Sex and power in the South West’

Women in the South West are vastly under-represented in the region’s top positions of power and influence across the public and private sectors, according to research carried out by the South West TUC and Equality South West and published in 2009.

Inspired by the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s annual Sex and Power report, the two organisations carried out their own research that shows in politics, business, media and culture, the region is lagging behind the national average.

Nigel Costley, Regional Secretary of the South West TUC, said: ‘This shows how far we’ve got to go to achieve real equality. We have to continue to break down the barriers in public and private life so that women can play their full part.’

Paul Dunn, Chief Executive of Equality South West, said: ‘Employers will have to make full use of all the talent that they have, if they want to ensure that they survive the recession unscathed. This will be particularly important during the recovery, which hopefully, is not far away.’

Click here for Excel file showing research

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