Report: The Value and Effects of Judicial Review

The Value and Effects of Judicial Review. The Nature of Claims, their Outcomes and Consequences was published by the Public Law Project, University of Essex and London School of Economics in October 2015.

The report presents the findings of a study into the effects of judicial review (JR) in England and Wales which was funded by the Nuffield Foundation and undertaken by the Public Law Project and the University of Essex, with Maurice Sunkin as the Principal Investigator.

The study draws on a complete data set of all judicial reviews that had a final hearing over a 20-month period. The data set is supplemented with a survey of claimant solicitors covering 198 of these cases, a survey covering defendant solicitor perspectives on 54 cases, and in-depth interviews with a number of claimant and defendant solicitors and key informants with expert knowledge in this field.

Overall, the findings underscore the importance of access to the High Court’s inherent supervisory jurisdiction, for claimants, defendants, and for the wider public interest.

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