Refugee Action and NACCOM report: Missing the safety net

A September 2019 report from Refugee Action and NACCOM reveals that vulnerable people refused asylum in the UK are being failed by the Government’s asylum support system.

This report (pdf) looks at the experiences of people who have been denied asylum by the UK government.

The report finds:

  • Some people had waited several months for a decision on their support, with one person waiting 124 days for their decision
  • Almost half (44%) of applicants had waited more than two weeks for a decision on their case, often with no other way of supporting themselves

The report recommends:

  • All applicants for Section 4 support receive a decision on their applications within a maximum of 5 days
  • Particularly vulnerable applicants receive decision on their asylum support application within 2 days, and that any further evidence required is sought after the individual is provided with support
  • Performance data on asylum support decisions is monitored and published, in order to ensure accountability for delays.

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