Race on the Agenda briefing: Brexit for BAME Britain – investigating the impact

There is strong evidence that a ‘No Deal’ or ‘Hard’ Brexit would be the most damaging for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities, women and those on low incomes with few qualifications.

This is from the November 2018 briefing from Race on the Agenda (ROTA) which looks at the implications of Brexit on BAME communities.

The briefing finds:

  • The overall impact of Brexit  on BAME communities will be negative, both economically and for community relations
  • BAME communities are in a triple bind: socioeconomically worse off than their white counterparts; blamed for economic insecurity and ‘cultural change’; and, as a result, the main targets of hate crime as visible minorities. This is all likely to be exacerbated by Brexit
  • As part of its industrial strategy, the government should ensure that people have the skills needed to move into new industries and should provide a robust social security system to support those who cannot
  • In preparation for the 2019 Spending Review, the government should carry out cumulative impact assessments of its proposed tax, benefits and public spending plans.

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