Public Law Project report: Supporting systems changers through the use of collaborative legal approaches

‘Look at issues as holistically as possible, ensuring that you listen to the experience and expertise of partner organisations so that legal approaches are not imposed but shared’.

This is from the February 2020 report from the Public Law Project (PLP). This report identifies key lessons from the first two years of a strategic partnership between the PLP and the Lankelly Chase Foundation.

Established in 2017, the aim of the partnership is to bring PLP’s legal expertise to bear in support of the systems-change strategies of a group of Lankelly Chase’s partner organisations.

The report finds:

  • Strategic use of law can stimulate meaningful change and complement other strategies but must be considered within its socio-political context
  • In order to evaluate the social change potential of strategic legal interventions in a given circumstance, it is necessary to examine the conditions – political, economic, cultural, and organisational – within which the activity is conducted
  • Consider aspects of both process and outcome. The very deployment of law can have an impact on those with lived experience of a problem or who are stuck in an unfair system.

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