Praxis report: ‘Industrial relations and workplace adaptation’

Praxis Centre for Policy Studies in Estonia, in conjunction with Cardiff University, produced a report on industrial relations and workplace adaption, ‘Supporting industrial relations in the field of workplace adaptation to enable the employment of older or disabled populations: Literature review‘, in February 2017.

The abstract says: “For persons with reduced work capacity, including disabled and elderly people, employment opportunities are influenced by access to work accommodation. This project aims to improve social partners’ expertise through industrial relations in the field of workplace accommodation, and as a result promote the inclusion of disabled and older people in the workplace. The purpose of this retrospective desk study analysis will, therefore, be to lay the foundations for transnational action research with social partners in Estonia, Poland, and Hungary, with the aim of documenting what practices already exist and looking forward, how these might be improved, drawing on best practices from other EU countries.”

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