Policy Commission on the Distribution of Wealth report on wealth inequality

The Sharing Our Good Fortune: Understanding and Responding to Wealth Inequality report from the Policy Commission on the Distribution of Wealth was launched on 22 October 2013.

The report found evidence that wealth inequality has negative effects on a range of outcomes such as health and well-being, educational opportunities, social cohesion, democratic processes and so on.  The report then considered how policy should respond to wealth inequality, considering first those at the bottom of the wealth distribution with very little and perhaps even negative net wealth.  It also looked at policies in relation to those in the middle and the top of the wealth distribution.

The Policy Commission on the Distribution of Wealth also carried out research with the general public (through an Ipsos MORI poll) to measure their attitudes to wealth inequality which found that the public grossly underestimate the extent of wealth inequality and believe it should be much lower.

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