Parliamentary Inquiry into ‘Hunger and Food Poverty in Britain’

The All Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger published its final report in the House of Commons on 8 December 2014, having taken evidence on the extent and causes of hunger in Britain, the scope of provision to alleviate it and a comparison with other Western countries.

The Inquiry’s strategy for a ‘Zero Hunger Britain’:

This Inquiry believes we should be a ‘Zero Hunger Britain’ in which everybody in this
country has the resources, abilities and facilities to purchase, prepare and cook fresh,
healthy and affordable food, no matter where they live.

We propose a route map which will take us in the direction of ensuring low-income
households can afford and have access to decent food, and in doing so, to reverse the
rising demand for emergency food assistance in this country. This would help ensure that
food assistance providers are able focus their resources on supporting individuals who
require more intensive, long-term help that the voluntary sector is best placed to provide.

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