Paper on ‘Introducing a Comprehensive Directive on Care in the European Union’

Introducing a Comprehensive Directive on Care in the European Union: Elements for Further Discussion by Maria Cristina Dos Santos Pereira was published in June 2015.

A brief summary:

In the last few years, the European Union has made several efforts to update and reform its regulatory framework in the field of reconciliation of work and family life. We think that the European Union should not only implement a more transformative and egalitarian approach with respect to parenting, but also move towards the adoption of a directive establishing an integrated system of family leaves based on a life cycle approach. In this article, we present our view of what a comprehensive directive on care could be like and argue for the adoption of a proactive strategy focusing on men’s rights to reconciliation in order to reduce employers’ resistance to men’s use of reconciliation policies and to promote role models for men as caregivers.

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