Opportunity Now guidance on ‘ten impactful steps towards a diverse pipeline’

For ‘Changing Gear: Quickening the Pace of Women’s Progression’, Opportunity Now has condensed more than 20 years of research, knowledge and insight to identify the ten impactful steps towards a diverse pipeline for employers wanting to recruit diversely, tackle gendered leaking of the talent pipeline, and increase diversity in senior management.

These ten steps are accessible and useful for everyone at every level – CEOs, board members, non-executive directors, recruitment teams, HR experts, line managers and employees:

  1. Meaningful measurement: evidence-led learning
  2. Accountability: owning the speed of change
  3. Inclusive leadership: motivation from the top
  4. Inclusive cultures: from fair to empowering
  5. Identifying talent: what does your future workforce look like?
  6. Appraisal to promotion: right people, right time
  7. Embedding agility, flexibility with impact
  8. Interventions with impact: coaching, mentoring and sponsorship
  9. One size fits few: normalising non linear career paths
  10. Beyond his and hers: occupational integration

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