Open Public Services 2013 implementation update

The second annual implementation update on the Open Public Services reform programme was published in May 2013.

The 2013 Update sets out the Government’s achievements in modernising education, health, local government and other public services. In particular the update shows how the Government is increasing choice and control for individuals, giving more decision making powers to local areas and communities, and delivering value for money for the tax payer.

The 2013 Update is published alongside the Government’s initial response to David Boyle’s Independent Review into barriers to choice in public services, three further Choice Frameworks – in health, early years and education – and a new Choice Charter.

The Open Public Services White Paper was published in July 2011 and set out the government’s vision for public services reform. These plans for modernising services are based on five principles:

  • Choice and control – Wherever possible we will increase choice.
  • Decentralisation – Power should be decentralised to the lowest appropriate level.
  • Diversity – Public services should be open to a range of providers.
  • Fairness – We will ensure fair access to public services.
  • Accountability – Public services should be accountable to users and taxpayers.

These five principles are linked. Their combined effect is that for the majority of public services, power will be placed in the hands of individuals and local communities where appropriate. People will be able to choose what sort of service they want and find the best provider to meet their needs.

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