Office for National Statistics report: Disability pay gap in the UK

With a new earning weight on the Annual Population Survey, a more detailed analysis of disability and pay is possible. However, a significant pay gap between disabled and non-disabled employee still exists, with a pay gap of 12%.

This is according to a December 2019 report from the Office for National Statistics on the disability pay gaps and the factors that affect pay for disabled people.

The report also finds that:

  • The disability pay gap is wider for men than for women, which is largely driven by higher employment rates for non-disabled men compared with non-disabled women
  • Disabled employee with a mental impairment had the largest pay gap at 18.6%, while for those with a physical impairment the pay gap was 9.7%, and those with other impairments had the narrowest gap, at 7.4%
  • Adjusting for the factors that affect the level of pay narrows the pay gap. Given that the population of disabled employees has different characteristics on average compared with the non-disabled employee population, these factors thus affect the levels of pay.

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