WEC Report and Government Response: the Gender Pay Gap

The Government is complicit in a system that is undermining productivity and perpetuating the gender pay gap, found a March 2016 report by the Women and Equalities Select Committee.  Evidence shows the gender pay gap will persist unless Government policy changes.

The Government responded in February 2017, rejecting the majority of the report’s recommendations.  It highlighted gender pay gap reporting as “key to accelerating progress,” and maintained that current policies on shared parental leave, flexible working, and supporting women back into work were adequate.

The Committee called for further evidence on three recommendations; this should reach the committee by 12 April 2017.


The Women and Equalities Select Committee launched its inquiry into the gender pay gap in November 2015. The Equality and Diversity Forum (EDF) warmly welcomed the announcement of the inquiry.

Ali Harris, Chief Executive of EDF said:

The Women and Equalities Committee has a vital role to play holding Government to account for progress on equality, and informing and strengthening Government strategy. This inquiry will bring an important and timely focus onto the specific pay gap issues faced by women over 40 – and importantly, what can be done to address them.

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