New Europeans UK report: EU Settlement Scheme – A new role for the voluntary sector

It is estimated out of the 1.2 million EU/EEA and Swiss nationals living in London, 6% are vulnerable and at risk of not applying for or being granted the Settled Status, they need.

This is according to a November 2019 report (pdf) from New Europeans UK on the third sector’s preparedness to support vulnerable Europeans, EEA/Swiss national to access the EU settlement Scheme (EUSS).

The report finds:

  • There are challenges within the ‘wider’ third sector, theses including a lack of information, understanding and engagement with migrant support or advice agencies.
  • For instance, 43% of respondents from the ‘wider’ voluntary sector had never heard of the EU settlement scheme before the New European UK survey.
  • Multiple barriers exist for traditional third sector beneficiaries in accessing the scheme. Accessibility, language, poverty and awareness are listed as the major barriers faced in accessing the EUSS.
  • Increase in funding, capacity, and information and training are required to adequately support organisations providing support to vulnerable applicants.

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