National Audit Office report: Supporting disabled people to work

Only 51.5% of disabled people are in work, compared with around 81.7% of non-disabled people.

This is according to the March 2019 report (pdf) from the National Audit Office on the Department for Work and Pensions’ support to help disabled people overcome barriers to work.

The report finds:

  • Although the number of disabled people who are employed is rising, disability and long-term health problems continue to be associated with greater poverty, lower educational attainment and reduced access to work
  • The government’s goal of 1 million more disabled people in work from 2017 to 2027 cannot be used to measure the success of its efforts
  • The Department has made improvements to the way it manages its current employment support programmes.
  • The Department’s new approach to supporting disabled people focuses on providing personalised support to meet claimants’ needs.

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