National Audit Office report: Handling of the Windrush situation

The National Audit Office have published a December 2018 report (pdf) to examine the handling of the Windrush situation.

This report seeks to increase transparency about what happened, establish whether problems with the Department’s information management and management of immigration casework may have contributed to the situation.

The report finds:

  • The Department has not yet established the full extent of the problems affecting people of the Windrush generation
  • The Department decided to narrowly focus its historical reviews on individuals from the Caribbean
  • The Department’s impact assessments did not analyse sufficiently the risk that compliant environment policies might have unintended or unfair consequences
  • The Department has had targets for removing illegal migrants since 2004, but there is insufficient information to conclude on whether this contributed to the Windrush situation
  • The Department did not act on credible information about issues that may have contributed to the Windrush situation.

Read the full report (pdf).


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