Natalie Sedacca: Civil liberties and human rights – what’s at stake in the UK’s 2017 General Election?

Natalie Sedacca is a solicitor specialising in Civil Liberties and tweets at @nataliesedacca.

With the June 2017 general election fast approaching, and the contest looking closer than anticipated, Natalie Sedecca looks at the issue of human rights and civil liberties. She offers a snapshot of some key debates and areas of disagreement, with its main focus on the positions of the two major parties as set out in their manifestos and other recent announcements.

Sedecca explores:

  • European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Right Act 1988
  • Accountability
  • Racism, immigration and the treatment of migrants and refugees
  • Surveillance and the internet
  • Worker’s rights
  • Access to justice
  • Brexit and the Great Repeal Bill
  • Police and prisons
  • Voting reform

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