Muslim Women’s Network UK report: Muslim women’s experiences of the criminal justice system

If Muslim women are putting their trust in the criminal justice system, this trust needs to be recognised. They should not only be supported but also feel supported.

This is according to the June 2019 report (pdf) from the Muslim Women’s Network UK. This report examines how the criminal justice system responds to Muslim women who have been victims of violence and abuse.

The report recommends:

  • Police should be more flexible in allowing someone other than the victim to make the initial report on the victim’s behalf; e.g. third party specialist organisations that are trusted by ethnic minority women
  • Police should improve the speed of response when victims are at risk of harm and a minimum time response set out in guidelines such as the Victims’ Code so that the public can hold police forces to account
  • Police officers should be provided with further training on stalking and harassment
  • Ongoing professional development of barristers and judges should include improving knowledge and understanding of domestic abuse and also cover the experiences of women in minority communities

Read the full report (pdf).

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