Multi-dimensional discrimination conference

On 23 November 2007, EDF and JUSTICE held a conference about multi-dimensional discrimination in London attended by eighty participants.

The purpose of the conference was to raise awareness of multidimensional discrimination among policy makers and NGOs, and in particular with officials working on the discrimination law consultation and representatives of the new Equality and Human Rights Commission (ECHR). The keynote speaker was Niall Crowley, Chief Executive Officer, the Equality Authority, Ireland. Other speakers were Gay Moon, Head of the Equality Project at JUSTICE; John Wadham, Group Director Legal, Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC); and Rosalind Hardie Ejiohuo, Head of Equalities and Diversity, London Borough of Hackney. An afternoon discussion was chaired by Michael Rubenstein, publisher of Equal Opportunities Review, with a panel including Kirsten Hearn, community activist in LGBT and disability rights; Siyyara Hamid, FATIMA Women’s Network; Zohra Moosa, Fawcett Society; Dr Ranjit Arora, Policy Research Institute on Ageing and Ethnicity; and Bryan Teixeira, Naz Project London.

Click here for speech by Niall Crowley

Click here for presentation by Gay Moon

Click here for speech by John Wadham

Click here for presentation by Rosalind Hardie Ejiohuo

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