More in Common report: Britons and Gender Identity – Navigating common ground and division

More in Common’s new report finds that the divisive debate playing out in Westminster and social media is out of sync with the public’s approach to the issue.

The research shows public are keen that schools create environments where young people who are questioning their gender identity feel supported and want schools to proactively talk about trans people.

The report calls for a coalition of the willing to build on this public consensus as a way to defuse the elite debate – making the following ten recommendations:  

  • Emphasise the public’s shared starting points  
  • Build upon areas of consensus  
  • Embrace case by case approach 
  • Magnify experiences of those finding a way through
  • Acknowledge the progress made
  • Put elite sport in perspective 
  • Create space for discussion 
  • Listen to those worried about the pace of change 
  • Stop bad faith actors framing the discussion 
  • Remember this is a debate about people 

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