Mind survey: Existing inequalities have made mental health of BAME groups worse during pandemic

A survey of over 14,000 adults by the mental health charity Mind has revealed that existing inequalities in housing, employment, finances and other issues have had a greater impact on the mental health of people from different Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority (BAME) groups than white people during the coronavirus pandemic.

The online survey of over 25s in England and Wales found:

• Almost one in three (30 per cent) BAME people said problems with housing made their mental health worse during the pandemic, compared to almost one in four (23 per cent) white people.
• Employment worries have negatively affected the mental health of 61 per cent of BAME people, compared to 51 per cent of white people
• Concerns about finances worsened the mental health of 52 per cent of people who identified as BAME, compared to 45 per cent of those who identified as white.
• Other issues saw a similar pattern, including getting support for a physical health problem (39 per cent vs 29 per cent) and being a carer (30 per cent vs 23 per cent).

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