Migration Advisory Committee final report: European Economic Area Migration in the UK

The Migration Advisory Committee have published their final report (pdf) which assesses the impact of the European Economic Area (EEA) migration on a wide range of areas including: the labour market; public services and communities.

The report finds:

  • Migrants have no or little impact on the overall employment and unemployment outcomes of the UK born workforce
  • The impact may vary across different UK-born groups with more negative effects for the lower-skilled and more positive effects for the higher-skilled
  • On innovation, the available evidence suggests that high-skilled immigrants make a positive contribution to the levels of innovation in the receiving country
  • Migration has increased house prices. The impacts of migration on house prices cannot, however, be seen in isolation from other government policies
  • EEA migrants pay more in taxes than they receive in benefits
  • EEA migrants contribute much more to the health service and the provision of social care in financial resources and through work than they consume in

Read the full report (pdf).

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