Migrant and refugee crisis – information and resources

A number of NGOs, including EDF members, have published information about the refugee and migrant crisis, telling people how they can get involved or give support.

Migrants’ Rights Network published an article on 3 September titled Migrant and refugee crisis: What can you do to help?

On 7 September, the Refugee Council published a briefing on the refugee crisis. The Refugee Council published its top 15 facts based on the latest asylum stats. in August 2015.

The 7 September issue of BEMIS’s MEMO (Minority Ethnic Matters Overview) has links to parliamentary questions and newspaper reports about the crisis.

Writing in the Huffington Post on 5 September, Runnymede’s Director Omar Khan explains Why Britain Must Take More Refugees – And Why the British Public Agrees

Amnesty International UK is encouraging people to email their MP saying that ‘Refugees are welcome here’.

René Cassin, the Jewish voice for Human Rights in Britain, is calling on the British government to respond to this human rights crisis and take in more refugees.

In Get the story straight, the British Red Cross is fact-checking news stories about refugees and asylum seekers and asking people to send them examples – good or bad. The Red Cross is also asking for donations as part of its European Refugee Crisis Appeal.

A new website – Scotland Welcomes Refugees – was launched in September 2015 to help co-ordinate Scotland’s response to the international refugee crisis.

On 14 September, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) wrote to the Minister for Immigration, James Brokenshire, to offer the Government its assistance and expertise as they develop plans to tackle the current refugee crisis in Europe. In the letter EHRC Chair, Baroness Onora O’Neill, praises the widespread public support for helping those in need, whilst setting out the basis in international law for the right to asylum and stressing the need for a coordinated international solution to the crisis.

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