Message from the Women’s National Commission

In October 2010, the Government announced the decision to close the Women’s National Commission (WNC) with effect from 31 December. The WNC is currently completing outstanding work commitments before closure. It is the intention that some of the functions of the WNC will be delivered centrally through the Government Equalities Office (GEO) and that there will changes in the way that the Government communicates with women in the future. The Government Equalities Office has said that it plans to consult with women to develop a new model of engagement to bring women closer to Ministers.

In a message to the Equality and Diversity Forum and all colleagues and supporters, the WNC said ‘we would like to thank you for your support to our organisation during our long, 41 year history. Through the direction of our 670 Partners (who represent the views of around 8 million women across the UK) we have pioneered raising awareness of, and taking action on, issues as diverse as ending violence against women, women in detention, asylum seeking women, Muslim women and providing women with a voice within international institutions such as the United Nations. We know we have made a difference. We wish you continued success with your own commitments to the equalities agenda and hope that our activities and achievements over the years will have added value to your own endeavours’.

Click here for the Women’s National Commission website. The site is no longer maintained but contains material about the Commission’s work.

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