LSE report – Confronting Gender Inequality in Uncertain Times

The London School of Economics (LSE) Gender, Inequality and Power Commission published an update to their 2015 report on gender inequality in January 2017.  The report, ‘Confronting Gender Inequality in Uncertain Times,’ focused on developments in economy, politics, law and media.

Five recommendations were made:

  1. Gender sensitive macroeconomic policies;
  2. Adequate provision of monitoring and training via gender analysis, audits and budgets;
  3. Quotas and targets to ensure more balanced representation in decision-making: “the burden of the argument should now shift from the under-representation of women to the unjustifiable over-representation of men”;
  4. Policies to end the gender pay gap; and
  5. Policies to recognise, support and finance care work.

Read responses to the original report.

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