Liberty report: Economic impacts of immigration detention reform

‘In 2017/18, Home Office detention expenditure was £108m’ says the May 2019 report (pdf) from Liberty.

The report makes the economic case for a strict 28-day time limit for the first time, and presents the potential costs and savings of immigration detention reform in the UK.

The report finds:

  • Under a 28-day immigration detention time limit, there are potential long-term cost savings of £55-65m each year
  • On the available evidence, plausible alternatives cost less than detention, with a likely (albeit wide) cost range of £6-30m
  • In 2018, around 25,000 people entered detention and a similar number left. Encouragingly, these figures are lower than the historical trend
  • Home Office statistics going back to 2010 also show individual cases of people being held for much longer: over four years, at times.

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