Liberty report: Bringing rights home? What’s at Stake for Rights in the Incorporation of EU Law After Brexit

“Leaving the EU need not – and should not – result in ordinary people losing existing rights.”

This is from the January 2018 report (pdf) from Liberty on the potential implications of Brexit on human rights.

The report makes recommendations on how to ensure that human rights and equality laws are protected in a number of policy areas, including; immigration and asylum, justice and home affairs; children’s rights; disability rights; employment; and devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Recommendations include:

  • Retain the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the ability for legal claims to be brought based upon the general principles of EU law
  • Introduce safeguards to the Bill that would prevent Ministers from using delegated powers to amend or repeal fundamental rights protections
  • Legislate to remedy gaps in human rights and equality law protections that exist as a consequence of improperly or partially transposed EU law
  • Publish detailed incorporation plans outlining how all rights derived from the UK’s EU membership will be protected
  • Ensure UK human rights and equality law keeps pace with future developments at EU-level
  • Accommodate the legal and political differences that exist between Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in respect of their unique arrangements for the promotion and protection of fundamental rights.

Read the full report in (pdf).

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