Liberty booklet on the Human Rights Act debate

‘Common Sense: Reflections on the Human Rights Act’ brings together 10 articles on the Human Rights Act covering the origins and intentions of the Act, how it works in practice and the context behind current political debates about its future.

The booklet by Francesca Klug, Shami Chakrabarti, Helena Kennedy QC, Alan Miller and Monica McWilliams is published by Liberty.

The series was first published on the Guardian’s Comment is Free website as Blogging the Bill of Rights. Written or edited by Francesca Klug (Director of the Human Rights Project, LSE) between January and May 2010, the series includes contributions from Shami Chakrabarti (Director of Liberty), Alan Miller (Chair of the Scottish Human Rights Commission), Monica McWilliams (Chief Commissioner of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission) and Helena Kennedy QC (barrister and member of the House of Lords). It also contains an appendix with selected illustrations of how the HRA has operated in the courts, by Helen Wildbore. The title of the booklet recalls Tom Paine’s pamphlet of the same name, published in 1776.

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