LGA/NYU report on ‘Youth services in England: the state of the nation’

In January 2013 the ‘Youth services in England: the state of the nation’ report was published.

This was produced by the National Youth Agency (NYA) on behalf of the Local Government Association (LGA) and provides a ‘state of the nation’ snapshot of youth services within England.

From the NYA’s work with local authorities it is clear that major revisions are underway in the way councils and their partners deliver the vital youth services that support young people’s well-being. In a number of areas, there is a particular focus on early intervention with vulnerable young people or on targeting limited resources to support the most vulnerable. It is clear that, whilst in a few places services are taking the difficult decision to no longer offer services for young people, in many more there was a strong ambition tofind new ways of delivery that go some way to meeting young people’s needs.

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